These Mountains are Old

Old mountain range.

The Wichita Mountains are commonly referred to as the Ancestral Rockies because they are thought to have been that vast, with the younger Rockies at the tail of the ancient Wichita Range.

These are the oldest mountains in the great plains. They mainly consist of granite,rhyolite, and some other igneous rocks of the early or middle Cambrian times. The initial uplift occurred in the Pennsylvanian Period, after the Southern part of the state's failed attempt to rift away from the Northern part. The weak zone created by this failed attempt enabled magma to rise, some erupting through the surface and some cooling beneath, which formed the Wichita Mountain's granites rock base.

Wichita Mountains

That's why you'll find some of the roughest territory on the continent here. From the River of Boulders to Charon's Gardens, you'll find youself feeling transported to another time. Spacer